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Ferrari Designers Are Building A Bike That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


The automobile industry holds certain names that come to mind just at the mention of the industry. The mind recall is high fro certain companies which brings forward the strong brand presence of such automobile manufacturers. Few of them include Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Aston Martin. The presence in the minds of the people are so strong along with the long heritage of producing classic ground breaking vehicles.


However in recent news it has come to light that the designers of the ever famous Ferrari have embarked on a new project and will be building a cycle which is going to be extremely exclusive. The cycle is to bear a price tag of $11,000 and only 30 will be built so if you want your hands on that luxury item you better be quick. Also the bicycle will be not only classy but practical. It is fitted with an electric motor on the rear hub that will enable the rider to optimize energy for longer trips acting as a human electric hybrid. Now this is the kind of bicycle which Lance Armstrong would actually like to get his hands on inspite of riding on the best of the best in his career.