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Ferrari Got Hit With A Major Blow At The Loss Of Its Star Chairman!

Ferrari boss quits after 23 years, Fiat chief executive to take over

What Apple is to the cellular world, Ferrari is to the automobile industry. The amazing automobile company si famously known for producing the most aesthetically appealing vehicles. The style, the beauty and the attention to detail that elevates the level of finesse and aura bout it is timeless and utterly priceless. The smooth and sleek curves, the impressive cuts and the impeccable attention to detail wows us at the very first look.

The news came as a great blow to Ferrari when its chairman for the past 23 years Luca Di Montezemolo stepped down from the position. The man responsible for taking Ferrari to ultimate heights is stepping down leaving it very difficult to fill his shoes by the next successor. The ultimate guru will be following greener pastures into politics hoping to be just as successful there as he was at Ferrari. Ferrari on the other hand needs someone big enough and strong enough to take it forward and not go into a downward spiral no matter the cost. We wish the genius all the luck in the world and he surely will be missed by the Ferrari lovers all over the world.