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Ferrari In A Neon Paint Will Shock You In Awe!

Ferrari Neon-02

Ferrari is one of the most elite and exclusive automobile brands of all time. The automaker is famous for producing vehicles that the classy, edgy, top notch and unmatched by the competition. The attention to detail from the process of designing, planning, engineering and manufacturing is extremely thorough and detailed. Ferrari does not compromise on quality and delivery and is considered to have few of the most expensive price tags at present.

The latest vehicle introduced by the company is the Ferrari California T which costs $200K at entry level position and is a sleek yet edgy sports car. In order to create publicity for the specific model, Ferrari hired some artists to blow hundreds of gallons of neon paint all over the vehicle in the dark room. The action in practicality will give you goose bumps for ruining the amazing car but it was all done so in good faith. The end result in the EDM light turned out to be jaw dropping amazing. The similar trick actually used by engineers to visualize the aerodynamic capacity of the vehicle through the paint technique. That’s one up for you Ferrari and we cant wait to see what you bring next to the table!