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Ferrari Mixed With Tesla To Give Lamborghini Competition


No, there is no official mergers between Ferrari and Tesla, yet there is something fishy. This Ferrari above has a look and feel close to Tesla. It is just one purpose built car yet it seems that combination of the two will give Lamborghini an unexpected tough competition.

The vehicle is made in true Ferrari colors and is believed to be having the technology that is exclusive top Tesla. If the news is correct, the car will be an amalgamate of the best in class, making this leadership brand insecure in its position.

Car industry has always seen monopoly of the Leaders, like Toyota ruling Japan with economical cars and Lamborghini ruling sports car market with technology and killer looks. It is high time that number 2 companies should join hand and offer something better than the market leader.


Because at the end of the day, customer is getting more informed. So it is high time that new brands will come forward to carve their niche on the throat of great leadership company.

The dreams are converting to reality and the process has started. Be part of this next BIG thing, who knows tomorrow this big thing becomes a buzz news.