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FIFA World Cup Fever Results in 214 Mile Traffic Jam In Brazil!

Traffic Jam in Sao Paulo

FIFA World Cup 2014 is one of the most highly anticipated sports events of the year. Being held in Brazil who are one of the highly soccer fanatic nations of the world, there is no question in the buzzing world cup fever that is due today. However the recent news coming from the country has failed to put a damper on the spirits of soccer fans all over the world.


The situation in Brazil has been less than feasible for the community there. Struck with poverty and financial crisis, the labor force in Brazil held a strike against the low wages and demanded high pay raise which ultimately resulted in the failure to complete the preparation in time for the world cup. London had been prepped on the side for backup for hosting the World Cup in time. With only 30% of the preparation complete, there is still a lot of issues to be dealt with. The initiation of the World Cup welcomes a 214 mile traffic jam in Brazil that is filled up with the local community, tourists and fans from all over the world. San Paulo witnesses a complete stand still of hundreds of vehicles right now. Let us hope the initial glitch is taken care of and there is smooth sailing for the rest of the FIFA World Cup.