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WATCH: Fire Blast Explosion At Petrol Station Nearly Kills Unconscious Man!!


In the world of bombs and guns and blasts and military weapons easily accessible by the common man, it is usually one of these things that get the blame when a blast occurs someplace some where. What one does not understand is that our small mistakes on daily basis can result in dangerous out of control situations that could ultimately result in the death of the the person as well as those surrounding him. The act of lighting a cigarette at a petrol station can be potentially fatal if the spark hits the ground at the wrong place at the wrong time.

However there are certain occurrences which are beyond the control of the person himself. A similar incident occurred in New York yesterday when a man fainted at the steering wheel and crashed his car into a petrol station at the pump. Another man who turned out to be an off duty police officer was present at the situation and ran from the place as it would have exploded it seemed. However the police officer came back to rescue the unconscious driver from behind the wheel and upon rescuing him by dragging him to safety warned all others to not go any where near until help arrives. There was live ammunition in the trunk of the vehicle which could have exploded it the crash had intensified.