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Fire Work Explosion In A 120 Car Pileup Is Shocking!


It is always better to be safe than sorry. I am sure all of us have grown up listening to our elders chanting on this message to us. It is required for us to act responsibly and careful at all times in order to not get involved in any kind of risky situation that might end up hurting us or others through us. However more often than not, we come across some piece of news that wrenches our hearts at the shocking revelation of the incidents that take place all over the world hurting so many people in the way.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, there was a pileup of 120 vehicle on the I-94 highway. The huge pileup was a danger in itself due to the presence of petrol and fuel in the engines and a single spark could have been dangerous. Much to our dismay, the pileup caught fire from the fireworks near by causing a huge explosion in the process. Not only was it a huge explosion but a driver died in the process before he could be saved by the fire brigade. This is one sad piece of news that should be a reminder to us all that safety is extremely necessary and should be taken care of at all times.