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Flying Cars? No Thank You!


The concept of flying cars has been fascinating human being since the advent of the wheel as clearly shown in the Flintstones. With the technological innovation that is happening on daily basis at the moment the time does not seem to far when it might actually be happening. Hover boards, hover bikes and helicopters have already been dominating the innovation time line with the presence of self driving cars. Do not be surprised if you hear about the self flying car soon.

The owner of Tesla Elon Musk however is not a proponent of flying cars himself. Where on one had he plans to commercialize and spread the electric car phenomenon all over the world it is his opinion that flying cars will clutter the whole atmosphere. The statement is true inf act that not only will the skyline be filled will flying things but the chances of something dropping over our heads will increase ten fold. People have a hard enough time driving their cars on the roads causing millions of accidents per year, imagine what the flaying machine would cause at the hands of a driver who is texting or under the influence at that time.