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Football Super Star Dies In Deadly Car Crash!


In the turn of sudden events we never see what is coming. We never see the step we didn’t take forward that ended up saving our lives nor do we ever see the trip we never took that could have ended in us in the hospital bed. We never see the risks of the situations since we can never know what the future hold for us. It is just a matter of luck and faith that makes us go forward with out lives and to live it to the fullest. However sometimes things happen that are beyond our control that leave us broken and shattered to a point of no return.

In the recent news that made the headlines was that of the football super star former Titans kicker Bob Bironas     who dies in a single car crash less than a mile away from home. In the sad news it was stated that Bironas’s GMC lost control at the curve and spun out of the edge of the road hitting the trees on the way before ending upside down. The super star was taken to the hospital immediately but was declared dead on arrival.