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Ford And Samsung Partner Up For Amazing FUEL EFFICIENCY Project!


What will you expect when you hear that the giants of two industries are coming together to work on a project together? Nothing less than a revolution. The dream come true has been turned into a reality with Ford and Samsung combining their efforts to work on an automobile project that will change the face of the automobile industry.


The Ford and Samsung have teamed together to bring the hybrid drive technology to non-hybrid vehicles of Ford for greater fuel efficiency. The project in pipeline for a decade pairs the Ford lead acid battery with lithium ion battery in order to accomplish regenerative braking. This will enable the vehicle to capture 95% of the energy that would have otherwise been wasted upon driver’s usage of the brakes. The combination is being implemented at 70% of Ford’s lineup. The ultimate goal of the dynamic duo is to completely eliminate the the lead acid battery and replace it with ultra light weight Lithium Ion battery. Not only this but the American giant is working on making the vehicles more light weight in order to increase fuel efficiency and greater mileage. This is one step in the advancement of automotive innovation in the right direction. Let us see what more the amalgamation of Ford and Samsung has to offer its huge fan base from all over the world. We’re sure it will be nothing less than outstanding!