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FORD Car Seat Detects When You’re Having A Heart Attack!


The 21st century has experienced such innovation and revolution in technology that has never before been experienced in any moment in time. In the automobile industry, the inventions are coming one after another with features that will blow our minds. From self driving vehicles to connecting cars to steering wheel less automobiles to self parking cars nothing fails to amaze us. The technological advancement is through the roof and its incorporation in the recent automobiles is making the car more secure, safe and technologically updated.


FORD in their latest statement has said that by 2020 it will be releasing a vehicle that will not only be able to monitor the heart activity of the drivers but also detect whether the driver is having a heart attack. This requires the presence of 6 sensors on the seat that will enable to monitor the driver even through the clothing. The smart system fitted in the car will be able to immediately contact the authorities of the person in stress under heart attack so that immediate help can be given to the driver. Presently the roll out plan in any vehicle has not been announced but the company is positive that by 2020 this will be made available in all Ford cars.