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Forget UBER Cause Schlep Is Here To Get The Job Done With A Sense Of Humor!


The automotive industry is experiencing a gradually increasing trend of people opting for car sharing and ride sharing services instead of purchasing and nightgown vehicles. This trend has had major impact in 2014 due to the affordable services provided and not going to the old school approach. People can hire car sharing services for their commutes without all the hassle of car maintainance and expenses, gas prices and what not. Uber made a huge impact but its 15 minutes of fame are nearly over thanks to Jewish moms!

Yes you read that right! A ride sharing application by the name of Schlep is here to take over the business providing the same services but a delightful surprise of Jewish mothers as drivers and that with all the sass in the world. Not only do the people get their ride on time but a motherly figure who will be talking the whole time giving you tips and tricks regarding your looks, your life, your love life and what not. Though you would want to strangle her at some point but it sure as well be the most memorable ride of your life. Back of Uber, mama is here to take over the world!