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Formula One LEGEND Michael Schumacher Out Of 6 Month Coma!


Who is the greatest race car driver of all time? Who is considered the God of Formula One since its inception? Who is and always will be the king of the race track with the track record that is unbeatable and unmatchable by anyone on the planet? None other than the legendary the great Micheal Schumacher!

F1 Legend Schumacher declared brain dead

The German legend who holds every scoring record with a considerable margin is famous for his adventurous nature on and off the track. Micheal Schumacher was involved in a near death ski accident 6 months ago which resulted in the superstar going under the coma for half a year straight. While the doctors showed promising hopes it took the incredible race car driver to come out of the coma after 6 whole months. After sustaining several head injuries the legend is finally able to communicate with his wife and children. The highly talented individual who holds the unbeatable record of World Championships, Grand Prix Entries, Grand Prix Wins and Pole Positions is now out of danger to much relieve of his wide fan following from all over the world. The legend who has already gone off track after a highly successful career without being so severely injured during the whole tenure is yet to be seen at his favorite place – behind the wheel!