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Futuristic Cars: Fast and Furious Experience with Artificial Intelligence


As the world is getting fast pace, the future is blurred. We are still predicting what the future might hold. According to famous quote of Henry Ford, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

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We have no idea how much the automobile industry will get revolutionized, but we are sure about the fact that 10- 15 years later driverless cars will have a great market share. People still have reservations about the safety issue in cars without driver; that makes the monopoly of a certain car brand expected to sustain even longer.

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Japan, that is the hub of technology innovation, has been part of boost in tides of start-up formation. One of a new venture has been announced by a company, where they are working on inculcating the “Fast and Furious” like driving experience in driverless cars. The data of virtual simulation done on diverse focus groups (employees of the startup) will be programmed in self-driving automobiles to handle diversity of scenarios.
The focus group will be exposed to a gaming console with real-time traffic scenarios and their responses will be monitored. The challenge here is that games have minimal or no impact on error, while in real life it might cost life.

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In past there were a number of self-driven cars tested on public roads, but the probability of having one available for public is still a question mark. There are a number of insurmountable leads that need to be addressed as in yet.
The challenge is developing a vehicle that has the ability to drive in uncertain, never happened, scenarios. It might feel like something hard to attain 5-6 years back. But the developments in machine learning shows that knowledge of the smart moves, used to manage unique scenarios, just like human brain is taking roots.

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By learning the key factors in behavioral simulations of human brain, this will be achieved. But the technology need to be updated at a pretty fast pace. Silicon Valley and car manufacturers need to join hands to find a way out.