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General Motors And Their Hands Free Car!


General Motor has been under the microscope since the beginning of the year. The previous 8 months have not been favorable for the automobile manufacturer due to the high recall rate and increasing customer dissatisfaction against the companies values. The reaction shown on GM’s part has said to be disappointed and reckless resulting in the death of some individuals.

However this setback has not stopped General Motors in an effort to redeem itself. The automaker just announced that in two years time it will release a vehicle with a “Super Cruise” features installed in it. This feature will allow the drivers to drive the vehicle without their hands on the steering wheel or they feet on the pedal. The completely hands free system will be the first one to actually implement the vehicle to vehicle communication system that will allow the vehicle to brake to avoid accident and warn the nearby cars for road safety as well. However one of the most concerning things in this matter is user dissatisfaction with millions of recalls made by General Motors and they are not so keen on the company implementing something the person himself has no control over inside the car. Well i guess General Motor needs to work on customer company communication first and foremost instead of the vehicle to vehicle communication.