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General Motors Is Back With More Recalls!

File photo of General Motors logo outside its headquarters at the Renaissance Center in Detroit

The year 2014 has not been good for General Motors not even close. All surrounded by law suits after law suits the automobile manufacturer is trying its level best to keep its integrity intact which is closely hanging by a thread. The new CEO is under a lot of pressure due to millions of recalls that have been made recently. The multiple deaths and crashes resulting due to the faulty ignitions and numerous other problems have left the user and GM users in shock and awe at the carelessness that has resulted in taken actual lives.

The latest news is not in favor of the company either with another announcement being made to recall 221,558 more vehicles due to defect in the parking brake. The faulty vehicles include the Cadillac XTS and the Chevrolet Impala. The issue with the vehicle has been the faulty brake indicator light that failed to lighten up while the bake was not fully retracted. So far no crashes or accidents have been reported due to this issue and GM is taking a hands on approach to contain the matter before any incidents occur. Well smart move General Motor because one wrong move now and it will be check mate for you.