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General Motors Preventing Parents From Protecting Their Children In GM Cars!


General Motor has been under immense pressure and scrutiny due to the millions of recalls that the company has had to make in this year solely. There has been up to 13 incidents that have resulted in accidents and fatalities due to the fault in the vehicles of General Motors. The recall was called to take immediate control of the situation and to add credibility to the company who is owning their mistakes and replacing airbags systems and faulty ignition switches but that has yet to actually happen since the regular excuse of being ‘out of parts’ is the main issue.


One such incident is when Lara Grass, a law school student, was involved in an accident between her 2004 Saturn and rear ended tractor trailer. The airbags failed to deploy resulted in the young woman’s death immediately. The father of the victim upon haring of the incident was emotional land in tears blaming General Motors of their incompetence and their fault in causing his daughter’s death. Upon seeing the name of the model in the recall list the father contacted the authorized personnel but was refused service assistance to replace parts as there was shortage of it just a week before the accident. The lack of availability for recall parts has cost the life of the owner with her grieving father blaming GM that inspite of trying to protect her daughter it was the company that prevented me from doing so. GM has got to step up and act vigilantly before any more lives are lost.