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German Soccer Stars And Their Super Cars!

The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is one of the most outstanding and shocking sporting events in the history of the sporting world. The nail biting matches, the knuckle crunching penalties and the jaw dropping eliminations has left the whole world in a whirlwind of the immensely exciting tournament this world cup is turning out to be. The recent semi final between Germany versus Brazil has left the whole world in shock and awe. The gut wrenching and excessively painful twist of the knife in Brazil’s defence left the team at home in tears with a 7-1 loss against the formidable Germany. They sure seemed to be a team to reckon with by breaking 3 major records in the world cup history.

The first record broken by Miroslav Klose of the highest number of world cup goals ever was made by smashing into the net and breaking the hearts of all Brazilian fans including Ronaldo himself. The second record broken is that of most goals scored in ever in a World cup tournament by a team as well as most goals scored by a team in a semi final ever. The stars of the German squad were shining brightly and fail to be dimmed down till the last minute. Let us look at those super stars and an ode to their super cars that make them a force to reckon with on and off the pitch.

Thomas Müller


Miroslav Klose


Sami Khedira


Toni Kroos


Bastian Schweinsteiger


Philip Lahm