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GM Just Made A Video Game Car A Reality For The Very First Time!


True inspiration can come from anything or anyone or any place. You do not need to be at any specification location to absorb inspiration from. It just comes to you and wants to flow through you in your work in the most amazing and subtle way. It might be in the blink of an eye or from thing you might have seen millions of time before but in a new light you perceive it completely differently. This is when true inspiration strikes make you aware of the depth and the amazement of the thing infront of you unlike ever before.

Well GM had just the flashing stroke on inspiration from a concept car in a video game of Gran Turismo. The giant automobile company decided to take the inspiration from that model and make it into an actual workable model and introduce it to the world. An ode to the concept originated the idea and GM just introduced the first ever video game car by the name of Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car was an ultimate hit and received raving reviews from even the sternest of critics appreciating GM’s approach towards absorbing ideas from the people themselves.