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Gold Covered Lamborghini Is A Thing Of Its Kind!


The automobile industry is a huge business which is up to the brim with automobile companies trying to outdo each other on the basis of design, engineering, cuts and manufacturing ability. The luxury car category is one which is the most boastful all over the world. In 2014 alone, the amount spent on luxury cars globally was $1.1 trillion. This has proven that the richer are ever ready to make purchases if the product offered is worth it.

There is no doubt that Arabs hold a very strong position in this regard with their love for flashy luxurious cars and everything bling. Lamborghini which is one of the most reputed luxury and premium class vehicle in its category has only a few restricted buyers due to its extremely high price tag. Well behold yourself for the news that Lamborghini has created one specific model on customer demand for only one single buyer and that vehicle is truly one of its kind. Aside from being a Lamborghini the vehicle is actually gold plated completely. I do not know whether to be highly impressed or extremely disappointed in mankind. Well that is the reality of life and we can do nothing about it!