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Google and Apple Plan To Take Over Your Car!


It comes as no surprise that we have been surprised enough by the automotive industry this year. With the introduction of self driving vehicles, steering less vehicles, communicating cars, self parking vehicles and smart cars, we really are not far away from flying and swimming automobiles. The technology of the 21st century has taken over and it is taking the whole world by storm. And where there is technological development what two names come to your mind? Yes you guessed that right, Google and Apple!

Soon you will be hearing whether you car in an Apple or Android vehicle. The two giants are going head to head in the smart phone and tablet segments and according to resources they are currently fighting for a dominating place in the auto industry. Although only 10% of cars today have the built in capability of online connectivity but the it is predicted that by 2020 it will grow to 90%. When that happens both these giants want the front seat and commanding position. The tech companies are currently working on numerous automobile related projects for the future cars including a computer car. Lets see which tech giants succeeds in out doing the other in the near future. Our bets are equally on the both of them!