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Google Puts Its Street View Camera On A Camel In The Arabian Desert!


When it comes to technology and innovation, no one comes close to Google. The tech giants is one of the most innovative and dynamic companies that truly think outside the box and make the actual implementation of seemingly impossible things possible. Google has confined all the information the world in a tiny little space which can be accessed by anyone and everyone at any time all the time. One of the most innovative projects Google has been working on is the self driving vehicle.

Google has also been actively working on the its Street View application which can take you on the route and tour of the most secluded laces in the world to the most famous ones like the White House. However Google has now gone one step closer to wowing all of us. In recent news it was found out that google fixed its trekking device on the hump of a camel and let it roam in the Arabian Desert. This was done to provide the users with the genuine experience from the Arabian land of Abu Dhabi with genuine locations and experience. Hats off to you Google for making the viewing of an oasis possible in the most innovative way possible.