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The Google Self Driven Car- The Futurist Automobile


Time is near when the hassle of driving will be reduced to minimal. It will be a transformation age where even on strange roads you will never get lost, a place where your car will change the route on its own when it identifies that a specific road is busy. So you will have an Assistant available to you 24/7 while you drive. The ratio of accidents will be dropping greatly with an artificially intelligent system that will have mapping of the whole world in single system.

It will be the time when mapping of the least traveled places will be available on the go. Through all-in-one synchronization software, the world map will be available in each and every car by Google. The maximum time required, according to a reliable source, for reaching a perfect option to masses will be 2020.

Although there are loopholes to cater, like the infringement of privacy issue that might arise because of every lane and road getting digital and much more. But to cater that Google can work with local companies of different countries for efficient working and reduced resistance. The vehicle is also expected to have difficulty in transition from all automated to normal option. The improvement is happening at full pace and is expected to bring in an enhanced option over the years.

There is much more promising to offer, though like every other field Google is expected to give the best in self driven cars as well.