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Google Self Driving Car aka “Cat Killer” – A Victim Of Hilarious Possible Bugs!


Leaving your life in the ‘alleged’ hands of a self driving vehicle has been received by skepticism from all over the world. On one hand where the technological fanatics are super excited to experience a vehicle that will drive, speed, accelerate and stop on its own along with finding parking spots and numerous other features. On the other hand those who believe they will be out run and taken over by robots are not keen to let their lives be held in the hands of a machine they built themselves. One little glitch and boom see you on the other side.


Numerous personalities are taking the mickey out of the situation making it more hilarious than concerning. The beloved stand up comedian Conan O’ Brian has compiled a complete video of the situation leaving audience in howls of laughter. The video showcases a perfect family who are keen to experience Google’s self driving vehicle and trust the vehicle completely. What comes next leaves everyone on awe. Not only is the Self Driving Vehicle an evil machine straight out from the Terminator. It goes on the rampage of giving electric shocks to the people sitting inside the vehicle, hitting grand parents in wheel chairs. The most distinctive act which has earned the Google Self Driving its new name is its keen habit of running of Kitty Cats thus the name – The Car Killer.

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