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Google Self Driving Car – An Easier Access To Car Bombs?


With the increasing rates of terrorism in the world the tools to be accessed are bing made considerably easier to access. Be it bombs, guns, weapons of mass destruction, military arms and ammunition, chemical and biological weapons and numerous other form, the limit of such dangerous and life threatening entities is next to zero. To add to already risky situation our reliance on technology an also take a devastating turn if it falls in he wrong hands and we have just the example for it.


Google announced a Self Driving Car which is also steering wheel free and does not need a driver to guide the car through the streets with ease and comfort and security. What if someone with questionable intentions got a hold of this car and use it to deliver bombs to numerous places without even being present in the vehicle to save himself from being at the place of crime and succeeding in delivering the bomb there efficiently. Moreover what if someone’s car get hacked and used for this purpose? Where is the security measures there that would refrain people from following in the footsteps of such activities? Where is the precautionary measure that would stop these cars from delivering potentially fatal material all over without being recognized or questioned or involved in nay way? On one side where the boost in technology is being appreciated and is sky high there is a dire need to control the limits of it before it ends up destroying ourselves.