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Google Street Car May Have Just Run Over A Dog!


It is one of the most gut wrenching and painful thing to see an animal in pain. The poor little creature who is unable to communicate and writhing on the ground with immense pain is sure to leave you sleepless for days. And if such an unfortunate lighting strikes that you become the reason for inflicting that pain its the worst feeling in the world. Well that’s about what Google must be feeling at the moment.


The job of a Google’s street map car is to go through all the roads and streets all over the world in order to map them for usage on the Google Street View. Well recently we got a view that turned out to be quite disturbing thanks to Google Street Car itself. It was captured on camera that a Google car was cruising on the road while a cute little pup was crossing the street. The next image blurred completely and the snap shot after that witnessed the pup lying in the middle of the road presumably dead. However in the next picture the dog moved a little showing he survived being rolled over. Comments from Google are still be awaited after this incident was reported to the authorities.