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Google Street View Car Drives On the Wrong Side And Crashes!


The year 2014 has witnessed immense progress in the automotive sector through huge leaps and bounds. There has been amazing break throughs of self driving vehicles, self parking cars, communicating automobiles and numerous technological advancements. Google has been one of the front runners in making this possible. The Google street view vehicles and self driving vehicles have turned the tables on the automotive industry like no one ever before. On one side where there has been an enthusiastic response to the inventions there has been certain insecurities and from the looks of it they were for good reason in the light of recent events.

A Google Street View driver from Arkansas was recently fined with careless prohibited driving. the 28 year old Alexander Spurr while attempting to make a U-turn realized that he was on the wrong side of the road. In the midst of this confusion, the hit the incoming car crashing right into it. There was considerable damage to the front of the vehicle where as the driver was also inspecting the vehicle’s camera equipment on the roof for further damage. This does not come as a consoling piece of news on behalf of the Google’s self driving technology. If glitches like these are unable to be detected by the smart vehicle we are in fro some serious trouble.