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Google WOWS The World With SELF DRIVING Car!


Google which has commanded the world through its technological and digital superiority in numerous areas providing unlimited information, technological high end gadgets, numerous application and opportunities for people world wide. Its newest and latest venture is going to make a life altering breakthrough through the introduction of the self driving vehicle it is offers.

The internet giant’s autonomous vehicle has already covered many milestones and does not cease to amaze us day by day. The technologically superior car is programmed to navigate the streets and overcome the challenges including that of jaywalkers and cyclists. The vehicle has adhered to street lights, stop signs, and succeeded in skilfully parking in limited space without harming pedestrians or any other vehicle. The Google Self Driving car has been able to correctly navigate freeways without any input or help from the drivers themselves. The vehicle has traveled 700,000 autonomous miles since the introduction of the project. Not only this but the vehicle has resulted in improved software that efficiently detects and track multiple movements in the surroundings at the same time. Along with that Google car has retrofitted a small tower on the roof of the vehicle that uses lasers to map the surrounding area. The vehicle is now thoroughly efficient in reading numerous signs and conforming to the laws of traffic and street sense.

The vehicle is aimed to hit the market as soon as all safety concerns are fixed and the commercial implementation commences.