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Grand Theft Auto Triggers 8 Year Old Boy To Murder Grand Mother!


There has been, according to psychologists and medical associations, a strong corelation between games and violence that can trigger violent behavior of numerous sorts. According to research that has been conducted there has been a causal link found between an increase in vicious and violent behavior of the player of such games after being exposed to it in regular intervals and long hours. The games not only trigger such behaviour but also makes the player better at shooting and targeting the victim due to level of accuracy and excellence needed to play the game.

In recent news it was shockingly found out that an 8 year old boy from Louisiana was playing Grand Theft Auto for some time while his 87 year old grand Mother baby sat him in the house. The boy later intentionally shot his grand mother in the head from the back which was later concluded to have been in direct affect from playing the violent game. Grand Theft Auto IV has been strongly associated with encouraging violence and vicious acts among the players for few meager points in the game and its actual implementation in real life goes unchecked.