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Guess What All The Footballers From Real Madrid Get? FREE AUDIS!


Being a celebrity must be one of the most satisfying occupations in the world. You are popular, you get paid for putting your face on billboards and what not, you have paparazzi tracing your every move, you have millions of fans out there, you get free stuff AND you get paid to get free stuff. Would not that be the life anyone would want. I have always detested celebrities for their far reaching popularity and them getting famous for the most stupid reasons but the recent news that i came across elevated the level of detest to down right loathing!

Take a wild guess at what the famous and super rich soccer players from the biggest club in the world Real Madrid get. Absolutely free of charge Audis! These soccer players who earn a salary unimaginable to us common men, are in n noway struggling to own a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles actually. But Audi which has a contract of sponsorship with the club just pulled an Oprah on the club and gave completely free Audis to every single player in the club and that of their own choice. And not just that, they get new cars EVERY year! Thanks alot Audi for crushing our hearts with your amazing four