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Guess Who Is Getting His Own LEGO? Movie BATMAN!


One of the hits of the year 2014 is none other than the LEGO movie. The famous franchise is one of the most popular all over the world with its unique and outstanding offering that is not matched by any one else. The unique proposition of LEGO was amalgamated in the Hollywood flavor with the release of its first ever LEGO movie that was animated and unique in every way. Even among the loads of famous characters, the star of the show was none other than BATMAN himself!

In recent news, it has been made known that even before the introduction of the second LEGO sequel, there will be another LEGO movie solely focused on Batman AND his Bat Mobile! The star of the show voiced by Will Arnett became an instant hit copying the trademark Christian Bale character and hitting it out of the park. The introduction of the Lego Bat Mobile has already been introduced whose demand is already showing that it will be sold out in a matter of minutes. The movie that is to hit the theaters in 2017 has pushed the sequel to the Lego Movie to 2018. A storm is indeed coming Mr. Wayne!