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Hackers Can Cause Potential Traffic Jam For Cyber Theft!


With the technological revolution that the 21st century has experienced changing the impossible into realities there is nothing that seems unattainable at the moment. Be it any sector or industry, the technological innovation has affected every move and discovery. The automotive sector is no different in this regard. The self driving vehicles, self parking vehicles, communicating automobiles and steering less cars are just the tip of the ice berg. Where as on one side fuel is being eliminated as a medium for running cars on the other hand electricity and sunlight are the new mechanisms for running vehicles. However with smart discoveries come smart theft and thus smart hackers in case on cyber technology.

Electric engineers in Michigan have been testing the vulnerability of the program that runs and manages the traffic lights and its timings on the roads. Through research and practical hacking techniques it was found out that all it needed was the pattern and synchronization of the program and the rest was easy to hack at the will and change the red, yellow and green lights at will. This can result in severe traffic jams by hacking ensuring the way of theft and thieves is kept clear while the authorities are stuck on their way.