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Have You Ever Wondered Where All The Unsold Cars Go?

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It comes as no surprise that there are millions of cars in the world and a large chunk of it is left untouched on yearly basis. Automobile companies from all over the world introduced new models each year all trying to out do the competitor in multiple categories. This results in production and manufacturing for newer models that will be in high demand at that moment in time and pushing back the production and demand of the previously older models. What comes as a result of that? Millions of cars left unused and untouched. But where do these cars go?

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You can see with Google Maps numerous car parks and areas that are filled neck to neck with untouched unused cars all left there for stock piling. These cars result in being deteriorated over time. The recessions which the world was gravely hit with still continues to loom over our heads and yet the decision to cut down on production for economic concerns fails to be of any importance to the automotive industry. Those resources spent elsewhere could result in the betterment and sustenance of the society but that is surely lacking at the moment.