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Here Is What You Get For Driving A Street Car Onto A Race!


It is always better to leave the stunts to the professional and not be the daredevil you so want to be. It may be to fulfill your fantasy or to possibly impress your other potential half but trust it 99% of the time you will end up making a fool of yourself. Well that is exactly what a guy had to go trough and possibly got dumped later for taking his girlfriend’s street car onto an ongoing live race.

The British are not known for their temper control and the guy faced the fury when he took the car on the racetrack in the middle of the race and drove a full circuit. It was seen in the cameras that his girlfriend was protesting the whole time along with another passenger in the car. The daredevil enjoyed his 5 seconds of fame and was later given a sentence of 8 months in jail for endangering many lives with his slower car on the racetrack and could have potentially hurt the girl, himself and the other racers. Well now you know that is not the way to impress a girl. A dinner, a movie and a moon light walk will do just fine for next time.