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Hero Rips Open Door To Save Man From Burning Car!


It is one of those rare days when you look at the news and instead of deaths and killing and murders there is news of something actually genuinely good that will restore your faith in humanity. Well today is just one of those days.

An Air National Guardsman from Minnesota is being hailed as a hero for his deed of immense bravery that resulted in saving the life of a person in the most heroic manner possible. Robert Renning was driving on interstate 35 when he witnessed a car with flames erupting from the back of it. He hailed down the car to alert the driver of the issue but upon reaching there found out that the car was stuck in lock mode with its windows and doors jammed and not opening from inside or out. The driver was completely stuck and unable to get out in-spite of trying to break the window glass but completely failing to do so. That is when Renning came to the rescue completely engulfed in flames and smoke and managed to bend the locked for in half from top down resulting in shattering the glass in the process. Then he reached inside to pull the driver out with safety. It was either the super human strength he might possess or the rush of adrenalin that helped him do the impossible feat since the man’s life was in danger.