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Hit By A Car, A Physician Experiences The Atrocities Of The ER Care!!


Who is the person we look forward to meeting after trauma? Who is it you want by your side after a devastating deadly crash? Who is it that is there to make sure you are in safe hands and will be ultimately ok? Who else but a doctor, the angel of life. Well a physician in question will have to disagree with you after her own personal ordeal she experienced and is regretting to this day.


It was just another day when she was walking down the street to meet a colleague for dinner in Washington. On this dark and rainy day she was making her way across an intersection when she felt a loud thump and a sharp pain on her hind side and before realizing she got hit by a car, she was spiraling forward in the air and thrown against the collision face down on the street. This was the crash that changed her life. Upon the arrival of help which were so incompetent that they took a full 15 minute duration to realize she was not in the car when the accident happened. She was taken to the hospital where the doctors asked if she was feeling any pain and examined her in all the places they thought necessary later stating there was minimal bleeding and there were no serious injuries. There was no examination of the backside nor the swollen knee no CT scan and no X-ray. She was kept there for a number of days and claimed to be doing well but to this day she experiences pain while walking, is no longer able to ride a cycle, needs help at the airport and many more. Being a doctor herself she claims that it was the carelessness on the ER’s part who did not respond inspite of numerous requests. So next time you’re driving harsh, make sure you slow down and take control as the alleged angel of life may actually be the angel of death you were trying to avoid in the first place.