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Honda, Nissan – The Hottest Battle in Town!



Infamous Rivalries

The automobile industry is always fresh with life long rivalries between major automobile companies going to head to head with similar models each trying to out do the other with technological edge and other elements. Among the most famous rivalries like BMW and Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and Lexus, Ferrari and Porsche there is also a head on competition between Honda and Nissan. Both the companies have been neck to neck in numerous areas with each trying to capture the market share through marketing campaigns, awareness programs and other initiatives.

Honda VS Nissan

The present automobile rivalry between Honda and Nissan is the hottest one right now. As a reversal from 2013, Nissan took over Honda in sales in its USA market. This has placed Nissan in the fourth position behind Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota. Both the brands have been trying endlessly to up their game through numerous measures. Nissan will use New York Auto Week as a platform to introduce a redesigned Murano mid sized crossover. The new styling themes will refresh and elevate the brand's image perception and highlight its aerodynamically chiseled look. On the other hand Honda has come raging forward with a 2015 Fit subcompact highlighting its core value of exceptional engineering above all else. Honda through its new endeavors have left no stone unturned highlighting its aim to spend more for smart engineering.