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Honda’s Advertisement Police Knows How To Deal With Dealers!


The automobile industry is a tricky business. The automobile manufacturers all over the world have numerous ways of selling their products locally or internationally. Many high reputed vehicles can only be purchase from the company’s own exclusive outlet and no where else. Where as there are certain other ways automobile companies choose to sell their vehicles. This may be through the third party association and through numerous dealerships all over the world. However no matter which medium they use, a strict rule and regulation policy is to be followed that does not cross any boundaries whatsoever.

Honda is one of the most restrictive automobile manufacturers with a closely knit and highly disciplined compliance department. The department informally known as the Ad Police tracks down dealerships who advertise Honda’s vehicle with false information. Advertisement including wrong trim level, liquidation, inventory reduction, wont be undersold and blow out portray the image Honda strongly condemns. the consequences of such actions are real and may cost the dealership to lose $400 per vehicle to marketing assistance. It is therefore better to be safe than sorry and not indulge in providing wrong information and incorrect retail price.