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Honda’s Twitter Feed Hacked By Skeletor!


The 21st century is one that has witnessed the most dramatic technological revolution known to mankind. The change of radio to cassette player to walkman to large CD’s to USB music to micro chip designing for virtual space to hold all your music is a small example of how far the technology has come and how compact things are now. Internet and the web has been the playground of tech geniuses who play by their own rules and do their own thing to make their own mark.

Honda recently became a victim of cyber bullying when their Twitter got hacked by none other than Skeletor himself. For those who do not know who the famous might evil Skeletor is, go check the 80s popular cartoon He-Man and his arch nemesis and villain Skeletor. Well this turned out to be a marketing stunt by Honda itself and it warned everyone to experience the evil in 140 characters or less. With pictures of other characters in the Twitter feed hinted at the fun Honda was poking at and reviving the loving feelings the fans held for the ever favorite cartoon. Creative and edgy move by Honda indeed.