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Hottest Most Thrilling Car Video Games!!

One of the most interactive platforms to trigger the interest of car lovers of a certain age and category is through the gaming phenomenon. There has been a massive technological development in the world of gaming over the past 20 years. What started as juke box games transitioned into Atari which took the form on 2 player Nintendo that spread like wildfire all over the world. The best was yet to come though. The emergence of Sega made the act of video gaming a highly popularity start at home sport. Over the years Sega has transitioned into PlayStation, Nintendo WII and numerous other platforms that have involved a large chunk of people into the phenomenon.

The most famous games since the beginning of racing has been car races that has evolved digitally and technologically over the years. Start from Road Racer the race car games have now been elevated to such a high level that a player is able to select not just he car and model of their choice but can make alterations to the engine, specifications and features in order to modify it exclusively. This is been a highly popular segments that has resulted in numerous multi million dollar projects whose new editions are eagerly awaited every years. We have compiled a list of most famous and hyped car games that are dominating the video game industry at the moment.

Gran Turismo 6


Need for Speed: Rivals


Grand Theft Auto V




F1 2013


Redline Rush


Colin McRae Rally


Joe Danger


Sports Car Challenge


Parking Frenzy