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How To Get Your Car Stolen??!!!


Fun fact to make your day! There is a vehicle stolen at every 26.4th second on America. Why does that happen? And how is it possible to steal so many cars so easily? Is it due to the lack in security system or is it due to failed locking or lack of attention on the part of the passengers? Is it because the demand of cars has been increasing or is it the newly hyped rage that has made people attack the world of automobile in such a way. Well you just can put a finger on just one factor. There is a compilation of factors that contribute exclusively to getting your car stolen and yes you yourself are one of those factors.


In order to highlight the reasons and ways to get car stolen, we have compiled a complete list of contributing factors that would one way or the other let the thieves mark your car and do their magic. It is therefore highly advised to refrain from following in these footsteps and keep your car to yourself.


1. Own one of the top most stolen car!

2. Leave your car keys in the ignition while you run your errands!

3. Park in the secluded areas of the mall!

4. No LoJack No Safety!

5. Keep your car out of the garage!

6. Please Leave Your Car Unlocked!

7. Leave your most expensive valuable items in visible sight in your car!

8. Park in a dingy low light hazy area!