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How To Teach Children Street Safety While Walking!


With the fast paced world that children are exposed to nowadays, there is extreme cautious and necessity needed to keep the little ones safe. It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children from right and wrong and how to keep themself save in absence of an elder. With the excess of cars and vehicles on the road, it is highly important that children be taught the rules to traveling on the road and walking with all their senses open and alert. The issues of drunk driving, texting while driving and driving under the influence are relatively new problems as compared to speeding and reckless driving. The children need to be taught to be specially alert in order to safe guard their life. We have compiled a pictorial tutorial to teach your children street safety while walking.

1. Teach children to pay attention to every thing from speeding cars to pedestrians crossings.


2. Teach the children the rules of being a pedestrian while walking with them.


3. Teach children to always stop before stepping on the road and to look both ways no matter what.


4. Teach your children to make eye contact with the driver when crossing the road so he or she knows you are coming.


5. Teach our children the traffic rules, the meanings of traffic signs and to obey them.


6. Teach your children to be attentive when crossing the drive way in case a car may be coming out.


7. Teach your children to be attentive and aware when crossing between parked cars.