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How We Wish Lil Wayne Was Our Dad!


The life of a celebrity is very different from our own. Their life is different, their day to day activities are different and the way they live their life in completely different. Chris Rock recently mentioned in his comment that there would be riots on the street if only people knew how much money the rich have and how they live their lives. Well we as a common man get to see glimpses of their lifestyles through the pictures that the paparazzi are able to get their hands on and it nonetheless drops our jaws to the floor.

In recent news, Lil Wayne’s daughter turned 16 years old hit the age of sweet sixteen when the life is a fairy land and all you want to be is a princess. Well unlike the rest of us she was treated like an actual queen with the kind of birthday gifts she got from her super star musician dad. The little girl not only got a brand new BMW X4 for her birthday but the 32 year old dad also got her a Ferrari 599 GTO. That seems kind of unfair when i don’t even own a bicycle at the moment. Sigh life will turn out Lil Wayne’s daughter. Just you wait and watch!