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Is Human the Missing factor in Driverless Car?


With the number of accidents increasing at a magnified rate, the question that humans are integral part in the driving process has gained new grounds. The cars have now been introduced in market under the brand Mercedes Benz with front seats facing the back seats to make it a chit chat environment. The Google cars also have steering wheel removed altogether.
The cars are marketed as self sufficient options, having all the occupants make memories. The reading, watching movies and napping that people in car crave for, are shown to be achieved without safety concerns. Yet the question that is surfacing on multiple layers is that, is it really the case?

A number of accidents have been reported where though many believe that it is the human stupidity that had lead to failure. The close analysis shows that it is because of the lack of problem solving on part of machinery that has caused disaster. And we should give the benefit of doubt on the fact that human driven cars are still in market, giving defensive driving some space. It is something that self driven cars cannot master fully.


The failure in the process of automation is much anticipated. As it is not just a change of trend that this technology will bring, rather it is the change of behavior that needs to be worked out. The win-win situation as predicted by many is that the technology and driver should co-operate together to give quality experience better than before.

The one strategy that is being followed currently is adaptive automation where computer gives feed backs at intervals, keeping human engaged and well responded to the requirement.


The need of the day is that an innovative technology should be introduced where human and machine work together.