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The Hybrid Car Need To Challenge Automobile Industry


Hybrid Cars are the automobiles that have two or more separate power sources for movement. The internal combustion engine is combined with one or more electric motor. Hence the performance comes with environment friendliness.

With the buzz of hybrid everywhere, what seems to be stopping people from the option that is environment friendly?

As according to an online survey, people were asked the best option they would go for if they won a lottery. The answer was as expected, the luxury range of Mercedes and Ferrari are the number one choice for purchase.

The reason identified was that in most part of the world a car is still considered to be a luxury option. Buying a hybrid means short term huge investment that people are unable to relate to at this moment.


The solution we can suggest is that we should reposition hybrid in market and bring in styling factor to cater a huge chunk of market. Although this should be kept in mind that changes require time, so a patient change of strategy is the requirement of the day.

As at the end of the it is difficult to give competition to companies that have ruled the market. Though it seems that Hybrid needs to challenge the automobile industry for a better tomorrow.