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Hyundai Genesis – That Was Then, This Is Next

Blind Test Drive Insta

The Hyundai Genesis is the new gem in the Hyundai collection of vehicles boasting of the most amazing safety features to be ever incorporated in a car. In order to highlight the extraordinary safety fitting in the 2015 Hyundai Genesis a campaign has been launched by the company which will enable the vehicle to go through numerous life threatening obstacles with the help of the installed safety features. The icing on the cake during the exceptionally dangerous routine – It's a "Blind Test"!

The Blind Test Obstacles

The routine will consist of 4 major obstacles including:

1. The Gauntlet
2. The Spikes
3. The Slalom
4. The Stop

Each obstacle is not just life threatening but is carried out with the windows completely blacked out thus it is a 100% blind test drive. The Blind Test Drive is an actual demonstration of the Sensory Surround Safety provided in the Hyundai Genesis amidst complete pitch black darkness.

The Spikes

Hyundai Genesis has so far concluded the Spike Test on a 100 yard stretch in a single lane road lined with military grade spikes designed to take out tires of any vehicle on the planet. The blind test carried out at 40 mph is carried out by the professional stunt driver Rhys Millen who is a world class professional rally driver and America's top drifter. Supporting him in the project is the 3 Taurus World Stunt award nominee for Best Stuntman Coordination in Hollywood films, Wade Eastwood. The test was carried out with supreme precision highlighting Hyundai's Genesis safety and impeccable security offering.

The next 3 obstacles will be carried over over a span of time boosting Hyundai Genesis's presence globally.


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