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Ice Weather Brings Stone Cold Crashes!


The winter seasons brings joy and merriment all over the world. People are excited about the first snow fall, the hot cups of coco and eating roasted marshmallows in the chilly cold. However the winter has a very dreadful and dangerous side to it. The extremely icy cold weather not only results in frostbite and other issues but also creates problems for people’s daily routine. Life becomes stagnant and there is nothing no one can do about it.

The winter of 2015 has brought forward conditions that have made life seriously difficult to manage. In the report stated a few days ago, New Jersey has suffered alone 400 car crashes. This has been due to the extreme weather which makes driving in such conditions extremely difficult. The icy temperature with consistent snowfall and icy roads make it all the more difficult to handle the vehicles making them slip and skid causing road accidents in blurred viewing. Some accidents have resulted in fatalities while others have resulted in serious conditions admitted in hospital. It is therefore advised to avoid driving in such conditions and if it is unavoidable then to drive very slowly after telling someone close where you are going and which route you will be taking. It is always better to be safe than sorry.