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Is Death Free Highway An Actual Possibility?


The rate of highway accidents and death toll is striking and shocking on yearly basis. It has been reported that 30,000 Americans have been killed in just last year due to highway accidents due to fatal crashes. Inspite of the increasing safety regulations and technological incorporation there has been increasing death toll due to numerous reasons varying from drunk driving to driving under the influence or cell phone usage while driving.

However it is being predicted that the use of autonomous cars and and increasing safety improvements, there will be an actual possibility of a death free highway. According to the statements made by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration it is revealed that vehicles nowadays are better equipped to survive a crash with passengers inside not experiencing serious injury. The result has been due to stringent and strict federal mandates, tougher roof crush standards, impressive passive safety technologies and effective safety regulations. Although the long term aim for a complete death free highways is a long shot but however a step in that direction is a major one where thousands of lives can be saved and the sanctity of human life maintained.