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Is Self Driving Vehicle A Cure For Drunk Driving?


The instant i heard about the invent of self driving vehicles the first thing that popped in my head was how great it would be for decreasing the accident rate all over the world. The self driving vehicle will be autonomous and will be responsible solely for the speed, acceleration, braking and other actions that will ensure that no one gets hurt or injured in any way. There will finally be a solution for the fatal five – excessive speeding, drunk driving, drowsy driving, failure to correctly wear the safety belt and driving with distraction. But according to the traffic safety experts that is sadly not true.

According to the specialists in the traffic safety regulation authority, the major factor standing in the way of safe driving even at the hands of autonomous vehicle is that drunk driver sitting behind the wheel. The vehicle although can drive autonomously but will need instruction of destination and route which will be given to it by the driver and one in a drunken condition cannot be trusted to do that. Also in emergency situations where the driver has to intervene in case the car slips and needs split second assistance, a drunk driver will fail to do so. So inspite of all the technological development, we still need to drive safe.