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Is That A TANK Or A Wheelchair Or A Tank Chair??!!


The modern era is filled with numerous stories of ultimate creations that will leave your jaw dropping. With sending a man on the moon and landing a robot on mars, humanity is taking such leaps that would have been deemed unimaginable a few decades ago. There are stories of everyday inventions of daily routine with people trying the most outrageous and amazing things at home and succeeding in not just impressing other but themselves in the process. We have just the right story today that will restore your faith in humanity.

This man should be awarded the medal for “Husband Of The year” for what he did for his wife. Brad Soden whose wife is paralyzed from the waist down was eager to make something happen that will allow his beloved wife to participate more in family activities and not be left behind in the memories. For that the man unbelievably modified a wheel chair in the most amazing of manners. He created an amalgamation of a tank like wheel chair for his wife Liz that will allow her to move the fearsome machine quite easily in rigged terrains, sandy beaches and snowy pathways without any fear of further endangering her situation. The efforts on the part of the husband are truly commendable and have created one of the most interesting and innovative vehicles of his time.